Three Benefits of Fiber Lasers

Every type of laser currently available on the market has its own advantages and drawbacks. We happen to think that fiber lasers have quite a few advantages that its competitors can’t match, including:

Flexible Fiber: When light is coupled into a flexible fiber, it makes the light much easier to deliver to a movable focusing element. This makes flexible fiber lasers unbeatable when it comes to welding, cutting, and folding polymers.

Great Optical Quality: Flexible fiber lasers possess excellent waveguiding qualities that go a long way towards reducing or even entirely eliminating thermal distortion, which gives users a very high quality optical beam.

Lower Cost: Companies large and small are always looking for ways to save money. Fiber lasers produce superior results but are surprisingly competitive in cost when compared to competitive lasers.

If you want to learn even more benefits to owning fiber lasers, then contact us for a consultation on our nanosecond and sub-nanosecond pulsed fiber lasers.