Nuphoton Releases EDFA with Extended Operating Temperature

Murrieta CA, ( April 2006) – Nuphoton Technologies Inc, a fiber optic amplifier and fiber laser specialist, has released a new Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) with extended operating temperature range. This innovative product NP2000-XT offers extended operating temperature range from -40 to +85 degree C, beyond the Telecordia requirement of -5 to + 65 degree C. This new product complements the existing product portfolios for the FTTH, CATV and Aerospace applications.Development of NP2000-XT was in response to customer demand for an EDFA that can operate in the extreme temperatures imposed by demanding applications like FTTH. In a typical FTTH environment, EDFAs can be deployed in locations like on top of electrical poles or edges of building walls. In these cases the traditional temperature protection measures like repeater sheds or chambers may not be practical or cost effective. NP2000-XT is an ideal solution for such environments.Fig. 2 shows the output power, gain, and noise figure of Nuphoton EDFA gain block at temperatures of -40, 25, and 83oC. As demonstrated in Fig.2, this EDFA can provide output power > 18dBm across the C-band in the -40 to +85 oC operating temperature range.The typical electrical power consumption is under 5W.NP2000-XT is a highly reliable optical amplifier, with comparable MTBF of conventional amplifiers.